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Major League Baseball (MLB) Presents “Grand Re-Opening Day 2020” on July 1st

New York, NY – MLB will present “Grand Re-Opening Day 2020” nationwide on July 1st featuring all 30 Major League Baseball teams and a focus on COVID-19 relief funding. The league will be broken up into three, ten team leagues which will be isolated to a single state and stadium. All games played on July 1st will be considered exhibitions and the opening games will feature the Yankees vs. the Red Sox, the Dodgers vs. the Astros, and the Rays vs. the Braves. All television contracts have not been modified.

The MLB is excited to bring America’s pastime back into service via “Grand Re-Opening Day 2020”. The MLB will match all donations made toward COVID-19 relief through official channels throughout the day. All games played from July 1st until an undetermined date will be televised but not permit attendance.

Details regarding the rest of the 2020 MLB season can be found at and information on how to donate to COVID-19 relief efforts be found at

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said, “The MLB would not be conducting ‘Grand Re-Opening Day 2020’ without the utmost medical precautions and scientific data. We are confident that the MLB conducting games with no fans will not further escalate the threat presented by COVID-19. Baseball is not only America’s pastime, but America’s backbone as well, and we are eager to match all donations made at on July 1st.

The MLB is America’s premiere baseball league. For generations, the MLB has kept baseball familiar and accessible to the whole nation. The MLB provides a family experience across the entire league and takes pride in maintaining the integrity of the game.

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