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Still at the Helm of Bass Music

Never Say Die: Black Label rocked the bass music scene when it launched in 2015, and with a signing of the “Insomnia” EP by Akeos, they have maintained their position at the head of the pack.

The market for bass music is massive, and yet some would describe the genre as oversaturated. The rat race of label foundings and EP releases seem to have not slowed down since the American exposure to bass music in the early 2010’s. However, there is still one label innovating and continually putting out quality releases: NSD: Black Label.

Recently, Akeos was kind enough to sit down and discuss a bit of their journey, their specific sound, and their plans for the future:

Karsten Kohout: Your growth ever since the Labyrinth EP dropped on NSD: Black Label back in June of 2019 has been exponential, can you describe a little of what your come up has been like?

Akeos: It’s been a bit of a roller coaster because everything is so new but at the same time it’s relieving that people are really enjoying my music.

KK: Even with your entrance into more of what could be described as the “mainstream” of bass music, your love for the underground still appears to be a big priority given reposts on Soundcloud and twitter conversations; who are some lesser-known artists you think people should have their ears out for right now?

Akeos: Phonon, Vanfleet, Vayre, Mad Dubz, Flood, DDD, I7, Moley, Sews, Exeuctioner, Amoons, Clock, Severe, Skore, Knoir, Atmos, Vanm, HOL!, JMOSS, Master Error, Formula, Facesplit, Spaow, & Nvctve!

KK: Your sound is easily one of the most recognizable right now. How would you describe the “Akeos sound”?

Akeos: I don’t really know how to describe it, but I’m glad people are recognizing it. The only thing I can think to say is that a fair bit of the “sound” is weird, in a good way I guess?

KK: What can we expect from Akeos in the next year?

Akeos: Most likely more Drum and Bass, working on a jump up EP at the moment and also exploring in other genres. It might be like how it was a year ago or so where there was a bit of everything, but hopefully improved. It’s a really great feeling seeing stuff you’re happy with outside of your main stuff do well.

Despite the humble answer, sonic signatures such as Akeos’s are the reason NSD: Black Label remains a beacon of originality in a sea of standardized labels. With a drum and bass EP on the way, a legion of underground artists being pushed to the forefront, and the “Insomnia” EP out now, make sure to keep an eye out for any NSD: Black Label releases in the future!

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