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News Beat Example (Assigned Diet & Nutrition)

Keto: The Diet with Commitment Issues

Keto is a diet that gained a rabid following in the latter half of the 2010’s for its reputation to eliminate fat rapidly through stringent macro-nutrient restrictions. Now at the turn of the decade, the fervor for the lifestyle has begun to recede.

Keto requires those following it to shun all carbohydrates – not just sugar. No fruit, no bread, no anything that has a possibility of containing carbs. Because of these constraints, a common criticism of the diet plan is its long-term feasibility. The home of the keto diet online is the subreddit r/keto, which sits at two million subscribers. Notably, none of the lifetime top 50 posts of the discussion board have been made in the past year.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average American male’s carbohydrate intake per day is 46.4% of their diet. The average American woman’s carbohydrate intake per day is 48.2%.[1] Food distributors pay attention to statistics such as the previous percentages in order to inform what they stock their shelves with. From meal availability to individual self-will, there are many different reasons why keto is difficult to maintain for an extended amount of time.

“It is simply a get slim quick facade,” University of Washington Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health Student Connor Pittman said, “[it] lacks the proper glucose nutrients people need to be able to exercise and live healthier all around lives.”

Another reason for this demise in popularity is how difficult social gatherings become. When asked to describe in one word how it is being around a friend who is on keto, Marc Gleckman said, “frustrating.” “Grabbing a bite to eat” transforms from a way to meet with friends into a game of chess where one has to checkmate the other into eating at a keto-friendly establishment.

Does keto work in the short-term? Sure – its fat-burning results are well documented. Is it meant for long-term dedication? Its waning support structure may suggest it is not.


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