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Jack of All Trades, Master of What’s Next

The demise of career positions has lost its impact as a topic - but this provides no solace for new college graduates wondering where their first paycheck will come from.  Recent grads are called to think on their feet in a more dynamic way than any other previous generation.  The most important skills to have going into the 2020’s are foresight and the willingness to take a risk.

I have learned these skills in a multitude of ways during my time at Seattle University.  Over the past four years I have won national awards on behalf of the campus radio station, interviewed internationally known artists, started my own live entertainment company, created a free online video course, and worked on podcasts that feature global profiles.  What may seem to be a hodge-podge of line items is actually a body of work that depended on quick action and a measure of self-assurance.

Starting a live entertainment company in early 2020 turned out not to be the best example of the foresight I preached about – but I don’t regret the pursuit.  In starting a company, I applied the skills of strategic writing and branding that I had learned in my Communications studies.  But more importantly, I took a step into the world of business that I never would have understood otherwise.

Now, in my last year of college, I can say that is the most significant thing I've discovered: I have a lot to learn, but as long as I keep my eyes forward and my profile in perspective, there are plenty of ways to excel in a rapidly changing world.

On this website you will find a body of my work that includes sample work from my courses at Seattle U.

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